The Tooth Fairy Made of Money

I just read on a friend's Facebook page that her dentist recommended she...ahem...the Tooth Fairy pay $5 PER TOOTH that her child loses?!?!

Shortly thereafter, someone mentioned that they pay $10 PER TOOTH!?!? Others agreed. $5 or $10 per tooth sounds reasonable to them.

Their Tooth Fairy is clearly NOT the same as mine! I don't think she's even in the same gene pool as my Tooth Fairy.

Seriously? I remember when we'd get a quarter a tooth! (That was back in the good 'ole days for you young uns.)

Now, we pay $5 for the first tooth & $1 for each tooth thereafter. And my children know that we're the Tooth Fairy. Because we're no fun cool parents that way.

Plus none of us wants to see my husband in wings. That just wouldn't be pretty.

And it would probably frighten little children.

How much does YOUR Tooth Fairy pay?


Coach Mom said...

Wow! Who would have thought I would be saying that just 7 years ago were the good old days. We paid a dollar for the first tooth and then took the kids to the dollar store for each tooth thereafter.

Once I found out my kids were being solicited by the other to punch his brother in the mouth so that they could make money to go to the dollar store, I instituted a "No Toothfairy" policy. All I needed is for someone to lose an adult tooth and look like a hockey player the rest of his life because he wanted a toy from the dollar store!

Unknown said...

Well now, assuming that the Tooth Fairy remembers she has an appointment at our house....(am I the only one that forgets?)...we pay $1 to $2 for a tooth. And honestly, it only applies to the first five or six teeth. After that, it's like "Eh, you lost a tooth, cool", no big deal.

My boys seem to hold on to their teeth for a long time. A few years ago my then 13yo had seven back teeth pulled by the dentist because they just wouldn't fall out, lol. No Tooth Fairy visit for that. My middle son is almost 13 now and he is doing the same thing. And yeah, they all know who the TF is...and the EB, SC, etc., etc. (I abbreviated in case there are any young'uns reading, lol).

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

Coach Mom: I had the SAME thing happen to my son! He was wanting to pull out teeth that weren't even loose yet so he could "earn" money.

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

April: The Tooth Fairy frequently forgets here too. In fact, she forgets so infrequently that the children just come and hand her the tooth & ask for their dollar. Works for me!

Melody said...

We do exactly the same as you...$5.00 for the first...$1.00 for each one that follows. :)

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

Good to know I'm not alone in depriving my kids, Melody!