We're all hairless!

At least it feels that way! This past week, my daughters and I decided to donate our hair to Locks of Love. It is something we had talked about doing on many occasions, but had yet to actually do. Wednesday, we decided to take the plunge. Some of us were left with MUCH shorter hair than others.

I typically cut the kid’s hair & trim my own. I was comfortable cutting my oldest daughter’s hair this short because she would still be left with quite a bit. However, I wasn’t about to touch mine or my 8yr olds.

We would have both ended up bald.

Instead, we decided to go to Great Clips. If you’re donating to Locks of Love, Great Clips will cut your hair for free. The ladies there were great sports letting me snap pics just for you guys! Others in the place were having fun with it too.

Here's Kirstie (our oldest) after her cut. She had the most hair left. I didn't get a before of her.

Align Center Here's Whitney before:
And after:
Whitney After Donating to Locks of Love Thoughts of THAT MomHere's a pic of my hair ready for donation. What can I say? When Mom's the one who takes the pic, you don't get great ones of her!

Mom's Hair Ready for Donation Thoughts of THAT Mom
I would highly encourage anyone interested in donating to make the jump to do so! We miss our long hair, but don't regret giving a unique gift to those in need.


Susan Jones said...

Ashley is going to get her super long hair cut tomorrow, donating it.....


Ruth Ann Warnock said...

Cheyenne has done this twice and it makes her feel very needed, I love that it is a way she can help without anyone else helping her.


Thoughts of THAT mom said...

That's awesome! I think a lot of people want to donate, but don't have the information on how to do it.

Great Clips will cut your hair for FREE if you are donating to Locks of Love.


Heather said...

I'm getting Autumn's hair cut tonight, but we wouldn't have enough to make a 10-inch ponytail.

This is such a wonderful gift!

Thoughts of THAT mom said...


Some places only require 8 inches.