Do You REALLY Go Weeks Without Shopping?!?!

You bet I do! I'll shop steadily for a couple of weeks, and then not shop for several.  That is a HUGE bonus of coupon shopping!  You can do it too!

Why/How do I do this?  I know that there will be rough weeks.  I get cyclical migraines.  I know that I'm likely to have at least 3 days worth of migraines in a month.  Those 3 days leave me struggling to get the basics done.  I'm good to school the kids on those days.  My Graves also goes in cycles.  I have good days/weeks/months and bad ones.

It's nice to know that for those 3 days and several after while I catch up that I don't have to stress about shopping.  It's nice to know that if my levels get out of whack, I can just stay home, relax, and know that my family is still provided for.  We might run out of milk, butter, or another fresh item.  We'll usually do without until our next shopping trip.  If I go long enough, we'll eventually have to buy more fresh produce to even have any in the house.

That's it, though!  That's all that's required!  We have built up enough of a stockpile that even while moving, we've managed to keep our grocery budget to a manageable level.

How do I do it?  When there's a good deal, I stock up!  Don't get me wrong, I don't go out & stock up on everything that's on sale!  I "buy" items that are free or better-than-free (they're paying me) in huge quantities.  I have several of just about every store here so it's fairly easy for me to stop by 6 of the same store (more in some cases) in one day & not have ventured more than 5 miles out of my way.

On a good week, I'll make a run on Sunday with my shopping helper for the week (my kids rotate through this highly-sought-after job).  I'll also make a run on Tuesday night to grab rain checks for out of stock items & sales that are ending and another run on Wednesday evening for sales that have just started.  If my husband is amenable, then we'll also make another run on Saturday either before or after church.

If there's a really spectacular sale, then I might make an extra run on Tuesday afternoon &/or other afternoons after we've finished school.  For something that's free or better-than-free, I've been known to make a quick round at least once a day.  These trips are usually short & sweet so it's not as bad as it sounds.  Plus, the stores are all within a couple minutes driving distance from my house.  Some of them are around the corner.

I do this when I'm feeling well so that I don't have to worry at all about shopping when I'm not.  It's a trade-off for me.  I spend the time now so I don't have to when I feel bad. 

How often do you shop?  Are you obligated to shop every week?  What are you willing to do so that you don't have to shop every week?

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