Happy Birthday, Tootsie!

I cannot believe that my baby girl is a pre-teen! 11 years ago today, I became a mom for the first time. That moment changed my life forever. Definitely for the better!

I thought it only fitting that I try to get an updated picture of my dear, precious daughter. After all, she's now a pre-teen! She's coming into her own.

Hmm. Not quite. We'll have to try that one again. Seems she's not as much of a camera hog as her brother & sister (or her parents for that matter).

Still not getting the pic. Perhaps later...

And there we go. Finally. Isn't she beautiful? And that only took roughly 2 hours. For ONE picture, people! ONE! I have NO IDEA where that child gets it!

Toots, we love you. You are such an incredible blessing. I know we tell you that a lot, but honestly, you can't hear it too much. It's the truth. Our lives wouldn't be complete without you.

Happy birthday, baby girl!

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