Mom Saver: Save on Appliances Part 2 (Price-Matching)

I covered the upcoming appliance rebates courtesy of our tax money in part 1. However, there's a lot more to how we're saving money on this $898 fridge from Lowe's than just the rebate.

We're utilizing the Lowe's price-matching policy to our full advantage! The exact same fridge is carried across town by Costco for $799. Lowe's will not only match that price, but they'll give me an additional 10% off! Make no mistake here, that's an ACTUAL 10% off, NOT 10% of the DIFFERENCE off like it is at many stores. Now, we're down to $719.10. In addition to that, I have a coupon that we got when we moved into our new house for an additional 10% off. (Note: Whether or not they'll accept this coupon is VERY MUCH a YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary) which means that the manager of the store has the right to refuse the coupon with a price match...but some WILL take it. I had to call 3 different Lowe's stores before I found one that would also take this coupon.) That brings our total down to $647.19. Off of that, I'm applying the Energy Star rebate from the government bringing my total for this $898 fridge down to $447 plus taxes.

The other bonus in having Lowe's price match instead of buying it at Costco is that Lowe's offers free delivery & haul-away of my old appliance. These would have cost me at least an additional $40 had I purchased the fridge at Costco.

There is another rebate out there for $50 that I'm told by store staff that we qualify for. However, I can't find any information on this rebate online. If it is, indeed, a valid rebate, then that will bring our total down to $397.19 for the fridge!

Not bad for a brand new, 25.1 cu. ft., stainless steel-look (which we prefer over actual stainless steel) side-by-side fridge that comes with filtered, in-door water & ice with a lock!

It definitely pays to shop around; especially with bigger items. My next goal is to find a good deal on an Energy-Star freezer before Saturday!

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