SOS Mom Saver: Free Batteries!

Today's Mom Saver is short and sweet. There are freebies out there at several stores right now, but the biggest & best is one we don't see very often.

Staples currently has their 20 pack of either AAA or AA batteries priced at $9.99. You then get 100% of what you pay for them back in Staples Rewards. (This is NOT a cash rebate. You get the money back as a rewards card to use at Staples only. If you don't have one of their rewards cards, I'd sign up in store just before buying the batteries or online if you're going to purchase them there.)

You can find all the nitty-gritty details online, but I'd recommend buying them in-store to save on shipping charges if you can.

You can do this deal twice for a total of 40 free batteries worth $20!!!

Happy shopping!


Unknown said...

Is this deal advertised in the store? I went to Staples last night and they had the batteries right at the front of the store. There was no mention of the cash back, but there was something about a $3 coupon, or something. I wasn't sure it was the right deal so I didn't purchase anything.

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

Yup! It's on the front page of the ad. If you don't have the rewards card, you'll want to sign up for it first.

After that, buy the batteries & they'll give the money back to you in a couple of months (should be around August for this cycle).

You can also get 2 reams of paper for $1 each after rebate right now. I always submit their rebates on line & have never had a problem getting one of them.