SOS Mom Saver: Coupons

Do I really have to use coupons?

The bottom line is yes.  If you want to save the absolute most money at the grocery store then you MUST use coupons.  You can still save money without using coupons, but to save the MOST money, you must use coupons.

You will either spend your time to use coupons, or your money to purchase items without coupons.  There's no way around that.  Which you do will depend on your situation.  If you have more money than time, then it makes sense that you would spend your time using coupons to save your family money.  If you have more money than you do time, then you might make the choice to spend the money to avoid spending the time using coupons.  There's nothing wrong with that if you've made a choice to do that.

I think a lot of people, however, are scared of coupons.  They want to coupon, but they either don't know how, think they won't really save any money (what's $1, right?), or don't think they can get the products they like if they use coupons.

I can't change your mindset, but I can show you how to use coupons.  I can also prove to you that you CAN save money on quality products using coupons.

What specific questions about couponing do you have?  What reasons for NOT couponing have you heard (or do you believe)?   Do you coupon?  Why?  Why not?  I'd love to hear from you!

My series on saving money at the grocery store starts tomorrow.  The more input you give me, the more I can help you!

In the meantime, for a simple, easy-to-read listing of deals at stores throughout the nation, check out Savings Angel.  I highly recommend Savings Angel for those new to couponing or those who just don't have the time to find the deals themselves.


Shauna said...

I usually don't use coupons because the store brand is cheaper than the price with coupon. Plus the stores we have in my town don't let you double your coupons. Sigh! LOL

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

What stores do you have in your area? I'll set out to prove you wrong by helping you pay even less on name-brand products with coupons.

Give me a chance?

Theresa said...

I don't usually use coupons because I primarily shop at our farmer's market and through co-ops to buy as direct as possible. We use only natural soaps, cleaning products etc that I try to buy in bulk to save $$ on. If I come across a coupon for a product that fits our lifestyle, and it's worth it, I'll use it. But, those products in stores are usually too pricey anyway.

Thoughts of THAT mom said...


I'm convinced that even if you're doing almost everything from scratch (which we largely do), that couponing can benefit you in several ways.

First, if you're getting a product for free & don't pay taxes or are getting paid for the product then you can donate that product to someone else if you won't use it. The overage from that item if you got paid can help pay for your pricier products.

If you use vinegar & baking soda for cleaning like us, both often have coupons around the holidays making them free or close to it.

For the longest time, we couldn't get a coupon on the pure sugar cane juice that we use if we're using "sugar". Now, I can get some of the raw sugars (which are almost as close) for a really good price. Plus, I can get the "regular" sugar for the kids to use in a summer drink stand or to donate for free or close to it.

I truly go to the source with our oats & flours. We buy the oat groats & spelt berries & grind & flake our own flour, oatmeal, & Wheaties-type cereal. Most people don't go this far, however. If you don't, you can find coupons on flour (even Bob's Red Mill & organic versions) which will help you save in this area.

Unless you're using homemade soap, you can often get some of the pure soaps for free with coupons. I have 6 bars left from the shopping trip where I got 15 for free. They weren't the local, homemade soaps that we prefer, but they were a pure, chemical-free soap.

If you're cleaners are 7th Generation or the like, you can get such fantastic deals on those right now! Many people are getting those cleaners for free or close to free with the sales, promotions, & coupons that are out right now.

I firmly believe that you CAN save money using coupons. In fact, I don't believe you'll be saving as much money as you can UNLESS you use coupons.