Happy Birthday, Sweet Boy

8 years ago today, God brought you into our lives.  We are so thankful beyond words that He blessed us with you.

You're my precious monkey.  I know someone you love told you that it was an insult for me to call you my monkey.  Far from it!  You're my monkey because you're so full of energy.  You love to climb.  You love to go.  That's just who you are.  And we love you that way.  You're our monkey.  You're my monkey.

You used to be my blondie too, but your hair started turning brown this year.  We knew it would happen.  I'm not quite sure I was ready for it yet!  It's amazing to me how much you continue to grow.

You have a such a sweet spirit, and such a pure heart for God.  I love to see the young man you're becoming.  You always want to do what's right.  I'm so proud of you!

Happy birthday, sweet boy.  I love you.


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Unknown said...

Aw, that was sweet Amy. And I think monkey is a perfectly acceptable nickname :-) Especially if you are saying it in love. I call a few of my daycare kiddos monkey for the exact same reasons.

Happy Birthday Trey!