Let Children Be Children!

Have you ever realized you're watching something and you have no idea why?  It's like you stumbled upon a train wreck.  You didn't want to stop and gawk, but you couldn't help it.  It was messed up...that you couldn't turn away.

I realized last night while watching the trash that is "Toddlers and Tiaras" that this had happened to me.  Why was I watching this show?  There was nothing wholesome in it.  It was not building me or anyone else up.  Why was I wasting my time on this?  Yet I didn't stop.  I sat there with my mouth open (mostly because I was yelling at the TV) gawking.

I know this is probably not news to the rest of you.  It is to me.  Remember, we spent 2 years without any cable or satellite service.

When did we, as a society, decide that it was okay to turn little girls into strippers?  When did we go from having them on stage in a cute, frilly dress to spray tans, more make-up than Tammy Fae Baker, fake hair, and outfits and dances that would put many strippers to shame?

Did we forget that these are precious children?  They are sweet blessings from God.  How could anyone even THINK of turning them into this?  I don't get it.  I just don't get it.

Please, moms, let your children be children!  Just let them be the kids that God created them to be!


Unknown said...

I couldn't agree more. I am so aggravated when I try to buy clothes for my little girl, because almost everything in the stores looks like its designed for a miniature teenager, and a promiscuous one at that.

Melinda said...

Preach it Momma! I'm with you!

Hcg Mommy said...

I agree. If I had girls, I would be sewing, because there is nothing modest out there. For me, OTOH, I love Cato....I want to start sewing layered skirts for myself...but I don't go in the mall anymore unless it is an absolute crisis.

Back to the show, lol...then these will be the same parents on tv shows or in counseling sessions, because they want to know why their kids are so rebellious and out of control, ggrrr!

Unknown said...

That whole 'pageant lifestyle' they have going on is truly disturbing. Until Jon Benet Ramsey was in the news, I don't think I had ever even heard of it. At least not at such a young age as these toddlers.

The worst part of trashy tv like this is that it highlights a lifestyle that most of us would never have been exposed to in the first place. Talk about being on guard when watching tv as a family.