Why Arizona Felt They Needed to Take Action Themselves

People don't get what it's like for people in Arizona.  They hear about the new law and they cry "racist" without having any idea about what it's really like right now for those in Arizona.

Clearly, though, Mr. Obama does.  He recognizes that there is not only a problem in Arizona, but that the problem is hugely out-of-control.  It is SO out-of-control, that Mr. Obama felt it necessary to actually put up signs warning AMERICANS that it is unsafe to go on AMERICAN soil.  This, after he ignored requests from Arizona representatives for help.  They asked for American military help to defend American soil and were denied.  And now Americans can't even go on their own land.

Something needs to be done! We will lose control of our nation if we do not take action!

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TulsaMJ said...

Clearly there is a problem with people crossing the border illegally, and generally I'm with Fox News on their coverage, but in this case I think maybe they aren't telling the whole story. A few quick Google searches indicate that the reason the government closed off the tiny little band of the refuge at the bottom of the map they showed (not the whole big blob, which is what it looks like when they show it on the video) was so they could have a stronger police presence there without endangering civilians. If that is the truth, then strangely, the act of closing part of the refuge actually may indicate that the administration is taking a stand against illegal immigrants in that area.