Zero Tolerance = Zero Common Sense

Seriously? Seriously?  Have we really become a nation that operates without using our brains?  Without using common sense?

A boy made a hat honoring the military and wore it to school.  They do not have an anti-hat policy so he was safe.  They do, however, have a zero common sense tolerance policy.  The boy was informed that his hat (which included toy soldiers with guns) was in violation of their zero tolerance policy...because it had guns...on the plastic toy soldiers.

See the hat for yourself:

What do you think?  Did the school go to far?

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Anonymous said...

The school was wrong and zero tolerance is a bad idea. I think I had more freedom to think and be myself when I was in the military. "Line up future workers. Leave your thoughts, ambitions, creativity, personality and passions at the front door. We have no need for that here in public school. We will tell you what you need to think and believe. Trust us, we're the government". (okay, I got a little carried away there, lol)

I feel sorry for the kids, I truly do. This little boy seems like he has reasonable parents. But why do so many of today's parents feel they need to keep subjecting their kids to this kind of treatment? And I'm not talking about just this incident. We hear stories about this kind of nonsense all day long.

April C. (google won't cooperate...or I forgot my password, lol)