School Supply Freebies & Deals 7/25-7/31

If you're Southern Nevada, we're having a school supply drive at SOS Radio. You can drop supplies off at SOS Radio on 2201 S. 6th St. in Vegas from 9-5 Monday through Friday.

There are school supply drives in cities big and small nationwide. If you don't have school-age kids or can buy extra supplies, I would encourage you to find a drive in your area. If you can't find a local drive, contact a local school and offer to donate the supplies directly to them. I don't know any school that would turn away supplies if they are offered.

To keep all of the information in one place for you, I will update weekly with what the freebies and extra good deals are on school supplies throughout this season. If I can get all of the ads in time, I'll post on Saturday for the following week. If I can't get the deals ahead of time, I'll have them posted by Sunday afternoon. If there's a school drive supply in your area, feel free to post the info in the comments to let others know about it.

And without further ado, here are the freebies and great deals on school supplies for this week:

Staples: (If you are a teacher, you can get 25 of the extreme deal items)
  • Backpack: FREE after Staples Rewards (no maximum price is listed) (lt. 1) 
  • Staples Multipurpose Paper (500ct) $4.99 - ($4.98) ESR = $.01 (lt. 2)
  • Bic RoundStic ballpoint pens, black (8ct) $.01 w/$5 purchase (lt. 2) (Sun.-Wed. only) (Extreme Deal)
  • Zebra Sarasa retractable gel pens (medium, black) (5ct) $4.99 - ($4.74) ESR = $.25 (lt. 1)
  • Staples Hype! pen-style assorted highlighters (6ct) $.25 (lt. 2)
  • Really Useful Box (a mini-storage box) (0.14ltr) $.25 (lt. 2)
 Office Depot:
  • Office Depot brand acrylic ruler $.05 (lt. 3)
  • Office Depot Eraser Caps (12pk) $.10 (lt. 3)
  • HP Office Paper (500ct) $6.49 - ($5.54) rebate = $.95 (lt. 2)
  • Office Depot brand spiral notebooks (6pk) $.50 (lt. 2)
  • Composition Notebooks $.25
  • Crayola Crayons $.25 (this price is varying from $.25-$.35, depending on your area)
  • RoseArt Crayons $.20
  • Other decent deals worth checking out but not listed in the ad
CVS: (No school supply deals this week, but there are some good freebies)
  • Photo Books 6x8 (10pgs) $7.99- ($7.99) ECB = Free (lt. 1)
  • U by Kotex Liners (50-60ct) $4.99 - ($1) ip - ($1.50) RB - ($4.99) ECB = Free + $2.50
  • U by Kotex Liners (14-18ct) $4.99 - ($1) ip - ($1.50) RB - ($4.99) ECB = Free + $2.50

Office Max:
  • Backpack:  Free after Max Perks Rewards (Applies to any backpack) (lt. 2)
  • Westcott 5" Blunt or Pointed Scissors $.20 (lt. 3)
  • Office Max Glue Combo Pack (as 1 bottle & 2 sticks) $.25 (lt. 3)
  • X-Acto Pencil Sharpener $.25 (lt. 3)
  • Sharpie Singles (assorted colors) $.25 (lt. 3)
  • BIC Cristal Pens (10pk) $.50 (lt. 3)
  • Penway 2-pocket Folder with Prongs $.09 (lt. 5)
  • Memo or Mini Composition Book $.19
  • Penway Flexible Ruler $.39
  • Penway Flexible Protractor $.39
  • Poly Index Card Case $.39
  • 2 Pocket Poly Portfolio $.39
  • Crayola Posterboard $.39
  • Penway Cloth Carry-All Pouch $.59
If you have any questions about a particular abbreviation or word, check out my coupon definitions. If you still can't find the answer, post here or shoot me an e-mail. Want to see the best grocery deals for your area? Check out Savings Angel. I use them when I'm short on time or not feeling well but still need groceries for the week.

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