Creative Gifting in Real Life

I've had several people ask me if I really do all of the things I tell you about here.  Although I don't always, most of the time I do.  You've also asked for more details.`

Awhile back, I talked about creative gift wrapping.  Shortly after that, I attended several baby showers in a row.  I made a diaper cake for one and creatively-wrapped the others.  What does that mean in real life?  Do I need a bow?  Where do I buy the supplies?  What about the ribbon?

I keep a stock of baby blankets on hand. I try to stock up when they're on sale or clearance.  I buy only real ribbon (not cheap gift ribbon) for the gifts.  I either get it on clearance or buy it in bulk at Costco.

Here's one I recently gave:

The gift is wrapped with a receiving blanket.  I have a stuffed-animal binkie-holder as a "bow" with some extra ribbon added for decoration.  (I got this ribbon for $2.97 for 50 yards at Costco.)

Here's what the "bottom" of the gift looked like:

Just like in my other post, I used safety pins to hold the gift together.  I prefer using diaper pins, but I'm out of them...and have yet to find any on sale or clearance.

So...yes.  I do really do this in real life.  Have you tried it yet?  What other creative gift wrapping ideas do you have?


Lindsay Moehrman said...

Thanks for this! I get so frustrated when I go to all the trouble of making homemade gifts to be save money and then have to drop more money into a bag and card! I am going to try this. Do u have alternate card ideas too??


Thoughts of THAT mom said...

Sure do! If you're wrapping with traditional wrapping paper, then you can use that as a card as well. If you're not, then you can either make & print your own card on your computer. (Card stock can often be found at thrift stores...or ca...n be bought on sale.) I've also known people to use construction paper for their cards...or regular paper folded into quarters after printing a small card.

If it's a kid's or close family member's gift, have your kids make a card. For a wedding or baby gift, you can write a simple To:/From: card on scraps of fabric cut with design scissors.