Police Protect Public from DEADLY Organic Foods!

Really, California?  Really with the fruit?  Again?  Really?  For those who don't know, I briefly twittered about the border patrol in California that is doing a suberb job of protecting the people of California from out-of-state fruits.   

(Not so good a job at protecting people from illegals from other countries who run into cars filled with children on the highway and then flee the scene, but I digress.)

They are, however, EXCELLENT at protecting the people of California from fresh fruits, vegetables, and raw dairy products.  Which is kind of ironic if you think about it because a good portion of our nation's produce is grown IN California...and good portion of that is organic.  Kind of doesn't make sense, does it?

Anyways...back at the end of June, they raided the Rawesome Foods Co-op warehouse in Venice, CA.  No one's quite sure why, though.

Perhaps they're just bored?  Find the fruit easier to tame than people coming illegally from another country?  The fruit charge more for day labor?

Who knows?

For the record, it is not illegal to sell raw milk or raw milk products in California(For info on the raw milk laws in your area, check out Real Milk courtesy of the Weston Price Foundation.)

So...if it's not illegal to grow or sell produce and it's not illegal to manufacture or sell raw milk or raw milk products, then what was the problem?  Surely there must be SOME logic to it, though, right? Please tell me there is.  I cannot for the life of me imagine what that logic might be, but I have to believe that somehow, someway there is a logical reason for them raiding a raw foods health store with their GUNS DRAWN!!!

I guess that kind of makes sense, though.  I remember that robbery last spring when a band of rabid strawberries stormed into a bank like a S.W.A.T team and took everyone down with their automatic weapons.  Or maybe it was because of that hoard of raw milk jugs and raw yogurt containers that went throughout LA randomly attacking people without provocation? Yup.  DEFINITELY a reason to go into a health food store with RAW fruits, veggies, and dairy products ready to defend yourself against the heavily armed produce and dairy products.  Definitely a reason.

Thank goodness we have the police to protect us from that nasty, chemical-infested, rabid, gun-toting raw, organic food!

(You can find detailed info on the raid and the charges directly from the owner of Rawesome Foods himself here.)


Matthew Llewellyn said...

They're also protecting us from the evil or individual choice... gay marriage.

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

That they are, dear brother! ::rolls eyes::


Tiara Sweeney said...

The raw foods place must have been a front for some right wing nutty militia group.. Did you ever whisper "the black dog comes at night" to the stock boy to get a look in the back room at all the ammo stockpiles or go to their website and click on some tiny icon at the bottom that takes you a members only area where they plot taking over the world bwaa haa haa! Ok ya they are way overthetop!


Thoughts of THAT mom said...

Who's way over the top? The government & police who raided them or the co-op?


Tiara Sweeney said...

The cops, the folks who sent the cops in looking for lord knows what.... And the GOV for regulating how and what we eat to this extent, I belive in freedom! That means freedom to eat dirt, chew rocks, and (gasp) drip milk straight from a cow without having tampered with. It also protects the tubby guys right to a bacon double cheese burger if he so desires, and a caffeine addict to a route 44 vanilla dr pepper at will! Just say no to the food police!

Thoughts of THAT mom said...


Melissa White said...

Ditto Tiara.

Martha Santa Cruz said...

OHHH i don't like the food police !! why don't they focus on something REALLY important !!!!!!! I will just leave it @ that :)


Thoughts of THAT mom said...

I agree, Martha! Wholeheartedly!