SOS Mom Saver: Get blood out of clothes EASILY!

Today's Mom Saver is very bloody.  Sorry.  I'll stop the corniness (did I spell that right?) now.

My oldest gets a TON of bloody noses.  Most of them aren't from her brother.  Okay.  I'm kidding.  None of them are from her brother.  It does sound much more exciting that way, don't ya think?  Really, her nose just likes to spontaneously bleed.  Just. Because. It can.  Her nose has a mind of its own. Or something like that.

We have come to accept this as a part of life...and as a result needed to find a good, sure way to get blood out of clothes, sheets, the carpet, etc...especially when she was younger and didn't yet know how to recognize when one was about to start.

The best solution when we're out and about is baby wipes.  Huggies baby wipes are the best because they contain the largest amount of peroxide which is the active ingredient that takes the blood out.  I think we're the only family with older kids that still buys wipes in bulk.  This doesn't completely take all of the blood out sometimes, but does a decent enough job of keeping her clean-looking until we can get home and really clean the shirt (or whatever).

When we're home, we wash anything that has blood on it immediately with cold water ONLY.  Seriously...nothing else.  If we were out and used baby wipes earlier, we'll also rinse that item out with cold water when we get home.  You can literally see the blood washing away.  The cold water does such a good job that you could actually just dry the shirt and wear it again.  We don't, though.  We throw it into the washer.

A word of caution:  Although peroxide is the active ingredient in baby wipes that takes the blood out, I would be careful using it straight on anything as it can bleach items.   And honestly, when cold water does the trick, why use anything else?


Arlene Broswell said...

Brandon gets them very often too... we found that if we put a humidifier in his room, it doesn't happen nearly as often.


Thoughts of THAT mom said...

Yup. The humidifier definitely helps here as well. Unfortunately, it has yet to stop them completely. Oh well. We can dream for our kids, right? (And in the meantime find easy ways to get out the blood!)