SOS Mom Saver: Creative Storage in a Bottle

When my son was younger, he liked to get into everything.

And I do mean everything. 

This led me to seek out creative storage solutions for things like tacks, paper clips, and safety pins which you really do NOT want a young child getting into & leaving all over the floor and/or putting in their mouth. Just keeping it out of reach wasn't enough for me.  I'm short so I really don't want to have to climb to get things that I use on a regular basis.  I wanted them down where I could reach them but also wanted them kept secure from curious hands.

I didn't need anything big as I usually don't have large quantities of these items.  We were also nearly drowning in medical bills at the time so whatever I found couldn't be expensive.

I had a light bulb moment as I was about to throw an empty bottle of medicine away.  Perfect!  It was small, secure, and better than cheap...I already had it in the home!

I could have just taken the pill bottle and stuck the stuff in there.  I wanted to make it a little prettier, though.  I also wanted to clearly distinguish it from a medicine bottle.

I started with an empty bottle.

I peeled the label off of the bottle.  As you can see, I was not concerned with getting every last remnant of label off.  I pretty much just wanted the outside of it off.  (You technically could skip this step, but I found that the paper didn't stick as well to the label if you didn't remove the outside of it.  The label itself would also show through any cover without several layers.  It's much easier to just take it off.)

Gather the rest of your supplies.  Pretty simple.

Cut the paper to size.

Glue the wrapper to the bottle.

As you can see, it's not perfectly cut, but it's good enough for me.

Here, you can see the difference between the two bottles.  The one on the left just has the label removed.  The one on the right has been re-wrapped with paper to make it look more neat.

Here are two completed bottles.  You could make it prettier and decorate it more.  I just wanted it to look simple and be clearly labeled.

As always, I love hearing from you.  Have you ever re-purposed anything?  Would you?  Are you trying to find a second purpose for something in your home?  Let me know!

On an unrelated note, I am excited to report that Savings Angel is now also offering the weekly deals for Smiths.  They right now are posting the deals in the Utah area.  I'm browsing their deals and the Vegas area weekly ad right now to see if they are the same.  If so...I am going to be incredibly happy (and of course I will let you know)!  This will make things WORLDS easier for me on weeks when the Vegas area Smiths stores are doubling!

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