A "Sticky" Situation

I found this one from 3 years ago on my old blog.  Since those blogs didn't get transferred here, I thought I'd post some of the "oldies but goodies".

The postman knocked on my door today.  I always wonder if this will be the delivery when I get flowers from my generous husband...or if it's that book we've been expecting from Paperback Swap that we just can't wait to run upstairs and read.

That's not the kind of delivery I got today, though.

Today, I got a stick.

Seriously.  He handed me a stick.  Ummm...Thanks?

See the BEST job in our house after lunch is running out to check the mail.  Apparantly, one (or several) of my children have been adding a little something TO the box when they retrieve our mail...a STICK.  My children have been (routinely evidently) adding a stick to the mailbox and putting the little red flag up. 

I shake my head in acknowledgement as the postman tells me that he's been finding the sticks in the box and the red flag put up on a regular basis.  I'm remembering a couple of months ago when we had the discussion about the little red flag and how if you put it up it meant you had something to mail out. 

I neglected to mention you had to place it in an envelope, address it, and add postage.  I assumed that was a given.  I was talking to a 5yr old boy.

I listened intently as the postman told his story then, attempting to find humor in the situation asked, "So what was wrong with the stick?  Was it not properly addressed or did it not have sufficient postage?" 

He was not amused.


Kari Lynn said...

Hey there!!

That is soooo cute and soooo funny!!

Amy Marie Karst said...

Yeah, I miss your sense of humor Amy. : )

Thanks for the smile today.

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

Or lack thereof, right? :-)

Amy Marie Karst said...

he he he - well....... i like it : )

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

You're too kind.

Michael Jones said...

LOL on blog entry. My favorite dumb joke: What's brown and sticky? A STICK!!


Thoughts of THAT mom said...