The Constitution...According to My 8yr Old Son

We've been studying the Constitution lately in our homeschool.  You always wonder if your children have really "gotten" what you've been teaching them.  It's often not until you see them apply it to real life or talk about it outside of school that you know they really absorbed what they've been learning.

Here are some recent conversations that have taken place at our house:
Mom (That would be me, but it's so much more fun to talk about yourself in 3rd person isn't it? Anyways...)
Mom:  Who spilled nearly half the box of Rice Krispies on the kitchen floor and didn't pick them up?
Kirstie:  Not me (Uh. Oh.  This is sounding eerily familiar...)
Whitney:  It wasn't me.
Trey:  I'll need to plead the 7th.
Mom:  The 7th?
(Oldest daughter leans over and whispers into her brother's ear.)
Trey:  I mean the 5th.
Mom:  Ah.  I see.  Why would that be?
Trey:  Mom!  The Constitution protects me from having to admit that I did something wrong!
Mom:  Sigh.  (Can you really argue when it's clear they are at least learning what you've been teaching them in school?  Frankly, I thought it was a brilliant defense.)  Okay, dear future attorney of mine.  Go pick up the Rice Krispies off the floor.
Trey:  But...
Mom:  Do you really want to argue with me on this?  How's this one?  The Lord told me that YOU are the child who is to pick up the Rice Krispies off of the floor, and the Bible says to honor your mother and your father.  The Bible ALWAYS trumps the Constitution in our house! 
Trey:  (Sighs then walks off to pick up the Rice Krispies.)
Or there's this one:
Son:  I want a .38 for Christmas.
Dad:  You mean the gun?
Son:  Yeah!  Like the revolving type with the snobby nose that you want!
Mom:  I thought you wanted Webkinz.
Son:  I DO!  I want Webkinz AND a .38 revolving gun.
Mom:  (The party-pooper of the bunch.  Apparently.) I'm fairly certain that you can't own a revolver at 8, son.
Son:  I read the Constitution!  It doesn't say ANYTHING about how old I have to be!  It just says I have the right to own a gun!  So I want one for Christmas!
Mom:  You're not getting a gun for Christmas.
Son:  Then you're violating my Constitutional rights.
Mom (to Dad):  This one's yours.  I'm out of ideas here.  (And again, I'm actually quite impressed with his understanding of the Constitution.  That's what we get for raising Constitutionalists, I guess.)
Remember that gun he wanted?  Now let's talk about the Sasquatch...
Son:  Dad, when can we go hunting?
Dad:  I'm not sure son.  We'll have to see if we can work something out.
Son:  Well it has to be after Christmas.
Dad:  Oh yeah?  Why?
Son:  Because then I'll have my gun and can shoot sasquatch.
Dad:  I'm fairly certain the government doesn't issue hunting tags for sasquatch.  Especially not with a .38...
Son:  Well!  If they give me any problems, I'll just remind them that I have the Constitutional right to shoot sasquatch!
Dad:  I guess I missed that part in the Constitution.
Son:  Well why would they tell you that you can have guns if you can't use them to kill sasquatch!  That's just dumb!
Mom:  (Sits on the bed amused at the conversation taking place.  And doing my best to stay out of it.  Because truthfully, I don't remember what the Constitution says about sasquatch, but I do know that my son makes a lot of sense!)
And have I mentioned the speedy trial by his PEERS yet?  Ahem.  I am more convinced now than ever that God has called this child to be an attorney.
Mom:  Son!  You left the milk out on the counter again!  It's been here all day!  You're going to have to pay $4 to replace it!
Son: What about my trial?
Mom: Come again?
Son:  My trial!  The Constitution says I get a trial with a bunch of my peers deciding if your discipline is okay or not.
Mom:  (Trying desperately not to snicker.)  Son.  That didn't mean that you got a trial every time you disobeyed and your parents disciplined you.
Son:  It doesn't specify WHAT it's for!  If you're going to punish me, then I want a trial by my peers!
Mom: Okay then.  (yells upstairs)  GIRLS!!!  Come down here please!
Son:  Why are you calling them?
Mom:  When you're a kid, your siblings are your peers.
Son:  GREAT!  I don't have a CHANCE!!  (And he didn't.)
What's sad is that I'm fairly certain my son has a better handle on the Constitution than most of those in charge of upholding it do.


Bre Letourneaut said...

how cool! my siblings have been learning the constitution for their civics class :)

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

That's awesome, Bre! I think this is a perfect time for a study of the Constitution!

Robin Wall said...

a great site of Amy a Christian mom homeschooling her children enjoy Amys writings

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

Thank you for your kind words, Robin.

Robin Wall said...

your welcome I enjoy the life of your family, and your site

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

You're too kind.

Kelsey Apley said...

Stopping by and following you back from Cafemom's!


Theresa said...

Very impressed indeed!

Unknown said...

That is hilarious and frustrating at the same time. I mean, how can you argue his logic? And YOU gave him this information! Your best line of defense is "the Bible trumps the Constitution in our house". No way you can lose that one ;-)

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

Thanks, Kelsey! Glad to see you here!

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

I know I was impressed, Theresa. It's not often that one of my kids leaves me speechless.

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

Exactly, April! The Bible ALWAYS trumps the Constitution! I think I know what our next study will be about! :-)

Fred Young said...


Thoughts of THAT mom said...

He often has priceless moments, Fred. Trey is frequently the source of Gary's good prep.

Jules Sparks said...

That is awesome... Great job, you guys.. Amy, never a dull moment, it seems.

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

Never, Jules!