SOS Mom Saver: Bleach Alternative

My search to find more natural products led me to find an alternative to bleach.  Bleach is a fairly cheap item, but it's also VERY toxic.  I didn't want that in my house...or on my clothes if there was an alternative.

Lo & behold, there was!  (Yes, I said "lo".  What can I say?  Christmas season is near.)

Peroxide can be used as a bleach substitute.  The important thing to remember here is that just like bleach, peroxide...bleaches.  In other words, don't use peroxide on something if you wouldn't have used non-color safe bleach on it.  It WILL "bleach" the item white.

To use it with your whites, just pour from 1 tablespoon - 1/2 cup in where & when you would normally add bleach.  (I only use 1 tablespoon unless there is something just uber-stained then I would use more.)

You can also soak clothes in peroxide just as you would bleach should you have some tough stains.

And no...there isn't a "special" peroxide for this.  You use the same peroxide that you use to clean your child's cut. 

I'd also like to add a reminder for Nevadans (Is that what we are?  Is that how you spell it?  Anyway...) & anyone else where early voting has already started...don't forget to vote!  Your vote DOES count, IS wanted, and CAN make a difference!

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