Aidan's Monsters

Every once in a while, you hear something that just touches your heart. This is one of those stories. Little Aidan has cancer. His family couldn't afford his they decided to sell his monster drawings on Etsy to raise money for his treatments.

If you don't have an artist for a child, you may not realize how this is even possible. I do so I completely get it. My son will sit down and churn out 20 pages of "fine" art in an hour. He draws monsters just like little Aidan. That's probably why this story got to me like it did. It hit close to home for me.

If you're interested in supporting this family and Aidan, then head on over to his Etsy page to take a look. You can purchase one of his masterpieces for yourself, or even just send the family a note to say they're in your prayers.

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