My Guilty Conscience

Clearly, I've got issues.

(As if this is a surprise to any of you...)

I've been going to church on Saturday for years now.  For years, I've worn something BESIDES a dress or skirt to church.  I've even worn (shock, gasp...) JEANS!!!!

Clearly I'm a heathen.  Or something.  I grew up Southern Baptist.  Back then (i.e.-in the good ole' days), we wore dresses or skirts to church.  You were allowed to wear "dress jeans" at night for youth group, but on Sunday morning, you wore a dress or a skirt.

And you COULD be at church for an event on Saturday, but you didn't GO to church on Saturday.  You WENT to church on SUNDAY.  You could also go on Wednesday night, but you should ALSO have gone on Sunday.  You went to church on Sunday.  THAT was church day.

So basically, I'm saying the entire Southern Baptist Convention is to blame for my issues. 

It never fails.  Every Sunday morning I wake up and begin to feel guilty for not being at church.  I know that I went to church the day before.  It doesn't matter.  The Southern Baptist Convention ruined me.  Church is on Sunday, and I am probably evil because I'm not a church on Sunday.

Oh.  But it gets worse.  (I know...WHAT could get worse than that.  All I can say is...Brace yourselves...)

I can't remember the last time I wore a skirt or a dress to church...even when I DID go on Sunday (which has been rare).  Most times, I wear jeans.  I've been known to wear shorts as well.  To CHURCH.  On Saturday AND Sunday!


Is there any hope for my guilt-ridden conscience?


Twinkle Mom @ Sunflower Faith said... and chocolate? Lol

NightAire said...

Stop going Saturday! And if you must go, go naked.

That way, you'll be so distracted by not going to church at ALL, and by being naked when you DO go, that Sunday won't even be on your radar.

(Being in jail for going to church naked will also keep your mind occupied.)

I'm here to help.

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

No coffee for me, Sunflower (or Twinkle?) :-). LOVE the smell, can't stand the taste. Chocolate on the other hand? Yes please.

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

Gene (NightAire)...Bless your heart. You're so helpful. Really. Your ideas are just so helpful.

One question, though. Will you come to Vegas to spring us from jail if we get arrested?

Luke Holzmann said...

The love and redemption of Christ? ...oh, and repenting of your evil ways [smile].

Actually, just last night I was talking with my family about how we've somehow lost the view of we--the church--as individuals making up the body of Christ and replaced it with the entity--the building/paid staff/Sunday morning "event"--where people spend a few hours every week. We must find a way to get the focus back on ministering to, serving and loving people and off the routine/event/"service" ...not that routine/events/services are inherently bad, but that our focus has shifted away from what the routine/event should be building in us as the body of Christ.


Melissa said...

Sounds like a closet Catholic to me!! lol!!! ha ha ha!
We usually go to Sat pm mass and I feel the same way, I especially feel guilty if I am in public anytime Sun before noon in my sweats, like ppl are looking at me thinking "what a terrible person, she did not go to church".

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

I agree, Luke.

And that's closet Baptist to you, Melissa! :-)

Tami Caskey said...

Saturday night church is my favorite! And I keep a pair of "dress" jeans for the occasion. By "dress" I mean they are not faded or have holes. =) It's all about comfort to me so I can be better prepared for worship! After all, isn't that what church is supposed to be all about?

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

Indeed, Tami!