SOS Mom Saver: Black Friday At Stores Without Ads

Do your favorite stores (that would be Build-a-Bear and The Disney Store for my kids) not release Black Friday ads?  They still probably have Black Friday deals! 

Call the store you're interested in going to and ask them what their Black Friday deals are.  Some stores might not tell you until Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.  However, some (like Build-a-Bear) might tell you early so it is definitely worth it to call now!

What?  You know what Build-a-Bear is doing for Black Friday?  You bet I do!  Hal & Holly will be $5 each on Black Friday while supplies last.  There will also be other in-store specials but those won't be announced until & unless you go in.

I haven't yet called The Disney Store, but in years past, they have had 50% off of everything in their store including sale and clearance items from 5am-9am.  That has made for some really good clearance finds!

If you call any stores that don't typically have ads, I'd love for you to post here, on Facebook or Twitter, or e-mail me to let me know what deals you find out about!

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