SOS Mom Saver: Get Detailed Ballot Information Beforehand!!!

Everyone should vote.  No one will convince me otherwise.  Whether you agree with my views and plan to vote the same as me is irrelevant to me.  Make your voice heard!  Be a part of shaping our country's future!  THAT is what matters to me!

Why don't people vote? 
  • They're frustrated & angry because of mudslinging, nasty ads that tell us nothing about the ACTUAL candidate running the ad, constant phone calls, visits, &/or mail.
  • They know who they're planning on voting for the "big" races (President in presidential years, governor/senator/representative in non-presidential years like this one), but they have NO IDEA who they'll vote for in the state or local races.  They don't know the issues or what those people stand for.  
  • They don't know anything (or know very little) about the issues on the ballot & don't know where to go to get that info.
How can we fix those problems?
  • If you don't want the calls, then go to your state's voter website.  Often, there's an opt-out option so that you don't have to deal with the calls.  Wouldn't that be NICE?  In NV, go to the Secretary of State website to opt out.
  • Early in the election, contact the candidates.  You can typically find a list of them on your state Secretary of State or election website.  Go to each candidate's website & look at where they stand on the issues there.  If you have a question about where they stand on something, call their office or e-mail them.  It's rare that a candidate won't answer.
  • If you want more information on the ballot issues &/or direct links to the candidates in federal & state elections, go to Vote USA.  Their site is, by far, the most comprehensive state-by-state listing of candidates for state & federal elections as well as state ballot issues.  They include links to each candidate's website as well as links to get more info on each ballot issues should you want further clarification &/or to read the entire issue & not just the summary (which is what I usually do). 
The bottom line?  VOTE!!!!   Make your voice heard!!!!! 

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