SOS Mom Saver: Save Even MORE Money On Black Friday!

I don't think it's any secret that I love a good deal.  We don't always have something that we want to shop for on Black Friday, but when we do...I want the BEST deal possible!  Often, that means staying at home in my pajamas & ordering what I want hours earlier than those waiting outside in long lines in the cold can.  Plus, I SAVE money doing so!

You earn money back by going through one of several online sites when you make your purchase.  You'll get  a percentage of your purchase (usually 3%-5%) back from the site you go through just for making your purchase through them.

There are many sites you can go through to earn money on online purchases.  By far, my favorite is Ebates.  I have used them for quite awhile and have always been properly credited my cash back & gotten my checks when payment time rolls around.  (Note:  If you sign up for Ebates by clicking on that link, then I will get referral credit for you doing so.  Granted I'm not complaining, just informing.  And thanks if you do.)

The bonus in ordering online is that not only do you save money, but many stores will put their sales up online hours before they open their "regular" stores.  They don't always announce that they're going to do this either.  I would start checking at midnight the day the sale goes live in the store.  For example, if the "regular" store opens at 3am, then I would start checking at midnight to see if the sales are up online.

If you shop on Black Friday, do you shop online or do you go to the "regular" stores?  Do you go when the store opens (waiting in line if necessary) or later in the day?

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