Another Word About X-mas

I must first apologize.  I was wrong.  I didn't lose any subscribers this year because of my X-mas post.  Not one.  Perhaps you guys are just used to me now? 

I did want to clarify, though, for a couple of people who sent me e-mails.  I was NOT saying by my X-mas post that we shouldn't celebrate Christ or His birth at Christmas.  Not at all!  I was only saying that we, as Christians, shouldn't beat each other up over this.

There WAS a valid reason that "X" was used instead of Christ "back in the day".  Christmas WASN'T the actual birth day of Christ.  That doesn't mean that we can't choose to celebrate His birth then, though...or any other day for that matter.  Just know, that when people say that wasn't when Christ was actually born, that they're right...but you can still choose to celebrate then should you so desire (we do).

But please, pretty please, please with a cherry on  Forget that!  Please with chocolate on top.  Just don't call another Christian unChristlike or say that they're taking Christ out of Christmas just because they used "X-mas". 

I mean really!  Use that time to go feed the homeless or buy a gift for a child on the Angel Tree.  Or something.  Anything.  Seriously.  Nearly anything would be a better use of your time than attacking another Christian over something. 


Lyndsay Moehrman said...

Very good point!

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

Why thank you, mam.

April Clark said...

Funny thing about your blog: I originally linked to it back when you, apparently, had a category called "Nazi-like behavior". So now, every time I go to your blog through my favorites, I get a notice saying there are no posts labeled "Nazi-like behavior" And it cracks me up every time.

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

LOL Yeah, I updated my tags so that there weren't quite so many. I'm glad you get a good laugh at my expense. Sniff. (If you need me I'll be crying in the corner. LOL)

Gina Wilborn said...

I thought the "X" in X-mas originated from the Greek letters in Christ's name...that "X" was the first letter in the Greek word for Christ. Hummm. I suppose you can't please everyone especially since people are so picky. LOL!

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

It did, Gina. I actually talked about that in my first post.