Let's Talk Christmas!!!

Well, Christmas clearance...but that's almost like a second Christmas to me!

Now is the time to think about Christmas NEXT year.  Do you need more ornaments?  Garland?  Lights?  A new tree?  Look NOW for what you'll need next year!  You can save at least 50% in most cases and sometimes as much as 75% or 90% off the regular sale price of an item!

Don't just think about Christmas, though.  Think about gifting throughout the year.  Need wrapping paper?  A spiderman lover isn't going to question snowflake-shaped webs on his wrapping paper (I speak from experience).  Look for character paper with as little "holiday" flare as possible for birthday gifts in the coming year.  Don't forget to also stock up for wrapping for next Christmas as well!  You'll also find gift boxes, gift bags, tissue paper, & tape on clearance.  Yes...even tape!

Not only that, you'll find holiday-themed anything on clearance.  From dishes to baggies to clothes and non-holiday food items that simply have a holiday-themed package.  And don't forget the toys!  You'll only see lower clearance prices on toys (from 15%-30% off) until the major Christmas clearance is done.  After that, stores hit the toys hard!  They very quickly go from that 15% mark to 50% off & from there to 75%-80%; depending on the store...and at some stores, they'll hit their biggest percentage off as soon as the middle of January!  This clearance happens MUCH more quickly than most of their toy clearances.

Above all, though, remember that it's not a savings if you don't have the money...so plan appropriately, but don't go into debt just to "save" in the future.  If you don't have the money in cash...it's not a deal!


Dianne Rick Elzinga said...

this is me and my husbands favorite time of the season...we went out today, purchased 10 rolls of paper, 10 boxes of lights, 2 yard lighted ornaments (75% off)...tissue paper, tape, gift tags, bows, pot holders , towels etc...and more stuff for $175 worth of stuff and we paid $70 this made us happy, happy! Happy New YEAR!

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

Several years ago, we got our tree for 75% off. A $200 tree...for $50!

Typically, though, we wait for items to go 90% off before we buy.