My Best Black Friday Ever: The Details

Yes, I was a tease.  I showed you pics of all of my Black Friday finds on Friday but left you hanging on the details.

For me, Black Friday isn't just about what deals I can get on THAT day, though.  I prep very carefully for that day knowing what deals will likely be there.  Once the ads come out, then I can firm up my preparations.

Here's what I started Black Friday with:
  • The following gift cards:
    • (2) $10 Land's End gift cards ($20 total) which can be used at Land's End, Sears, and/or Kmart
    • $20 Gap gift card which can be used at Gap or Old Navy
    • (10) $5 gift cards ($50 total) from Swagbucks (plus (3) more $5 gift cards pending from Swagbucks)
    • (2) $25 CVS gift cards ($50 total) from prescription transfers
    • (2) $25 Walgreens gift cards ($50 total) from prescription transfers
    • (2) $5 Target gift cards ($10 total) from previous promotions
  • $100 from my husband to spend on a Kitchen Aid if I could find a good deal (which I did), and of course...
  • A detailed list outlining what I needed, what we wanted for gifts, where we needed to go when, and what we could get online (and through Ebates and/or Upromise to save even more money)
How much did I spend?
  • $1,820.50...Oh I kid!  (You didn't believe me did you?)  You know better than that!  What is that figure?  It's what everything I got the week of Black Friday WOULD have cost me had I paid full price.
  • You know I'd at least want everything to be on sale, right?  Sounds good...except that even on sale, everything I got the week of Black Friday would still have cost me $1,021.91.  Yeah.  I'm not spending that much.  Not even close.
  • But wait!  You know I'd also use coupons to reduce what I pay.  THAT will make it affordable.  Right?  Close...but at $506.31...still no cigar.  Not gonna pay THAT much either!  (What?!  You've already knocked the total down by almost 75%, and that's STILL not enough?!)  Nope.  It sure isn't.
  • Why?  Because I also had gift cards (and the $100 my husband gave me for my KA).  They had been saved just for this day!  After my gift cards and cash from my husband had been applied, my total ended up being $271.28.  THIS was my final price at the store.  But wait, I'm not done yet...
  • I am expecting rebates back from products I purchased at and Walgreens.  When they are received, my total out-of-pocket will have dropped down to $202.46.
  • But wait...I also got register rewards (RR's) back from Walgreens and extra care bucks (ECB's) back from CVS.  Although I don't actually count them in my savings until I spend them, I'm going to here just so you'll see my net total.  After taking the ECB's and RR's into account, my total net spending was $96.81...less than the total price of my KA mixer alone after the sale and rebate is applied!
  • For those trying to do the math, that's a net savings of over 95%.
Here's a recap:
  • Regular price:  $1820.50
  • Sale price:  $1021.91
  • Price after coupons:  $506.31
  • Price after gift cards (what I paid up front):  $271.28
  • Price after rebates (total out-of-pocket):  $202.46
  • I have the following left to use on future purchases:  $185.62
    • Register Rewards (can use at Wags or a local grocery store):  $73.72
    • Extra Care Bucks:  $31.93
    • gift cards:  $15
    • CVS gift cards:  $34.97
    • Gap gift card:  $20
    • Target gift cards: $10
What did that $202.46 ($96.81 after RR's and ECB's) get me?
  • Kitchen Aid Professional 600 Series 575 watt 6qt mixer (orig. $499)
  • Artist's Loft Creative Design Table (orig. $149.99)
  • Wii Cabela Hunting Game w/gun (orig. $39.99)
  • Kingston 8gb Flash Drive (orig. $39.99)
  • (2) Wii games (orig. $29.99 ea/$59.98 tot)
  • (2) Sealy Posturepedic Pillows (orig. $19.99 ea/$39.98 tot)
  • Kingston 4gb Flash Drive (orig. $19.99)
  • Fiskars 12" portable paper trimmer (orig. $19.99)
  • Body Pillow (orig. $19.99)
  • Walgreens Warm Steam Vaporizer (orig. $15.99)
  • Walgreens Heating Pad (orig. $15.99)
  • Phillip's Ear Buds (orig. $9.99)
  • Creatology 100 pc Art Set (orig. $6.99)
  • Eucerin Lotion (orig. $6.99)
  • (4) Scotch Gift-Tape 3-pk (orig. $5.99 ea/$23.96 tot) 
  • (2) Old Spice Body Spray (orig. $5.99 ea/$11.98 tot)
  • (6) Photo Boxes (orig. $4.99 ea/$29.94 tot)
  • (18) Secret Scent Expressions Body Splash (orig. $4.99 ea/$89.82 tot)
  • (18) Olay Body Wash (orig. $4.99 ea/$89.82 tot)
  • (7) Centrum Vitamins (orig. $4.99 ea/$34.93 tot) 
  • (3) Gillette Odor Shield Deodorant (orig. $4.99 ea/$14.97 tot)
  • (3) Herbal Essences Shampoo (orig. $3.99 ea/$11.94 tot)
  • (3) Herbal Essences Conditioner (orig. $3.99 ea/$11.97 tot)
  • (12) Herbal Essences Spray Gel (orig. $3.99 ea/$47.88 tot)
  • (4) Herbal Essences Gel (orig. $3.99 ea/$15.96 tot)
  • (16) Nivea Men's Shave Gel (orig. $3.99 ea/$63.84 tot)
  • (6) Pure Water 24pk (orig. $3.99 ea/$23.94 tot)
  • (16) Crest 3D Vivid White Toothpaste (orig. $3.99 ea/$63.84 tot)
  • (12) Oral-B Indicator Toothbrushes (orig. 3.99 ea/$47.88 tot)
  • (6) Listerine Pocket packs (orig. $3.99 ea/$23.94)
  • (6) Colgate Toothpaste (orig. $3.49/$20.94 tot) 
  • (10) Gum EZ-thru Flossers (orig. $2.99/$29.90 tot)
  • (3) LA Looks Styling Gel (orig. $2.99/$8.97 tot)
  • (12) Scunci Pony Tail Holders double packs (orig. $2.49/$29.88 tot)
  • (16) ThermaCare Heat Wraps (orig. $2.49/$39.84 tot)
  • (2) Robitussin DM To-Go (orig. $2.49/$4.98 tot)
  • (30) Advil PM 2ct (orig. $1.99/$59.70 tot)
  • (3) Carmex Lip Balm (orig. $1.99/$5.97 tot)
  • (15) Mars King-Size Candy (orig. $1.79/$26.85 tot)
  • (16) 2 ltr bottles of pop (orig. $1.59ea/$25.44 tot)
  • (2) Photo Calendars (orig. $1 ea/$2 tot)
  • (2) Magnetic Calendars with notes (orig. $1 ea/$2 tot)
  • (2) Pocket Calendars (orig. $1 ea/$2 tot)
  • (15) Reese's Candy Singles (orig. $.99/$14.85 tot)
  • (4) cans Mandarin Oranges (orig. $.69/$2.76 tot)
  • (4) cans Mushrooms (orig. $.99/$3.96 tot)
In other words...a dump-load of stuff.  How did you do on Black Friday (or did you hide out at home attempting to avoid all of the Chaos?)


    Tracey said...

    Hi Amy, I've been listening to you on SOS radio via the internet in Hawaii. I love your tips. Here is one that I have not seen/heard mentioned and it has saved me money every christmas. The rewards program that my credit card comes with allows me to purchase gift cards from various dining places, hotels, and departments stores for varying miles. Many of us use credit cards and forget about the miles/rewards accummulating with every purchase. Every year before Black Friday I go online and purchase gift cards and either buy gift cards with smaller denominations or gifts using these cards while shopping on Black Friday/Cyber Monday. Usually, I'll get about $200 of free gift cards through my rewards program; this together with the holiday deals its a great savings.

    Thoughts of THAT mom said...

    Thanks for listening, Tracey!

    I agree that this is a good use of credit cards if one is going to use them. However, I believe that it is even better to be completely 100% debt-free & not even have credit cards at your disposal. I think the rewards of THAT far outweigh the rewards of having the card.

    What I DO recommend, however, is seeing if there are rewards you can get for your debit card.

    Maria Lopez said...

    WOW!!! you need to have a plan and save on Black Fiday seminar, I'd go! =D I'm just happy I got $80.00 boots for $20.00 =D

    Dianne Rick Elzinga said...

    can I ask you a question, do you keep all this for your family, gift some of it? donate some ? what do you do with your wonderful buys?. you amaze me lol

    Thoughts of THAT mom said...

    You got them for 75% off, Maria! I'd say that's a good price!

    Dianne...Yes. All of the above. (Except for the Kitchen Aid...I'm TOTALLY keeping that for myself! I'll bake with it for others, though. That's GOT to count for something!

    Dianne Rick Elzinga said...

    Yes like I said in a previous post you made me cry on the kitchen aid lol...way to go...I guess I knew those answers already as that is what I would do....hmmm, maybe I could use that angle with my husband, but " I could bake so much more and help feed more people " lol....seems logical to me hhaaaa.... thanks for your blog....appreciate you..happy holidays to you and yours

    Thoughts of THAT mom said...

    Thank you! You too!