SOS Mom Saver: Get Souveniers For Your Vacation Without Losing a Fortune

My kids are used to me being cheap. They know better (in most cases) than to ask me if they can have something at a store. They'll tell me that they want something and ask how they can get it cheaper, but they pretty much know that I won't buy anything at full-price. I'm cheap. Frugal. Whatever.

We live within driving distance of Disney Land and are hoping to get some discount tickets to go next year. I'm also on the lookout for cheap souvenirs. We have it easy here because there's a Disney Outlet. The prices are higher than I like, but are MUCH cheaper than the ACTUAL Disney Store...or worse...Disney Land itself.  (Paranoid note to Disney:  This is nothing against Disney Land or your company.  It is simply a statement of fact.  Oh come on!  Even YOU know it!)

There are online sources for Disney merchandise as well:
I haven't looked for cheaper Six Flags or Universal Studios items which would include Nickelodeon characters.  However, I know that they are widely available at "regular" stores like Wal-Mart & Target.

What have you done to save money at Disney or other Theme Parks?


Francesca Gurrieri said...

Genius!! I love when you say: I'm cheap. Frugal. Whatever.

Thanks for the advise!

BTW how can you do all this?

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

I stay very busy.

Francesca Gurrieri said...

I bet!