SOS Mom Saver: How to Use Up Everything In Your Kitchen've all had that random can of food that has been stuck in the back of our pantry for months.  Perhaps you purchased it for a special dish that you never made.'re a super-couponer like someone I know & got paid to take something home...but don't quite know WHAT to do with it.  Or maybe you're just having a tight month.  You have GOT to make the most out of every ingredient in your kitchen.  But how?

(imagine cheesy movie-announcer voice) SuperCook to the rescue!

No.  Really.

SuperCook is a cook's best friend! 

You can enter in ANY ingredient (or several) into their recipe search.  It will give you a list of what items you can cook with that ingredient.  It will start with the recipe(s) that require nothing BUT what you entered.  If what you entered alone can't make a meal, it will give you results starting with recipes that require the least amount of ingredients to those that require more.

You can also add exclusions so that the recipe results that come up will only be those that fit with your family's dietary needs.  (For example, ours says no shellfish because I have an allergy, no gluten because our daughter has an allergy, & no soy because it's a migraine trigger for me.  If I'm cooking for others, I'll often remove the gluten exclusion.) 

When you enter an ingredient, it will also ask if you have other items that would be useful for creating recipes with that ingredient.  It might help you remember that you have butter, olive oil, or a specific spice...but forgot to add them. 

I think my favorite feature for those on a budget, though, is the "shopping list" which you can get if you sign up (for free).  You enter the ingredients that you have on hand & they'll give you suggestions for what you should buy to make the most of the ingredients you already have on hand.

Seriously AWESOME site!

(Non-necessary but necessary disclaimer:  I don't have any kind of a relationship with SuperCook other than the fact that I love their site and they don't appear to mind.  They didn't compensate me for this review or ask me to do this review.  In fact, I'm fairly certain they don't even know about its existance.  If, however, they would LIKE to compensate me for this review, I would not be opposed to that & would be happily willing to change my disclaimer.<-------That's a hint, SuperCook!)

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