SOS Mom Saver: Price Match Policies

This is actually something we can utilize year-round.  What happens if you MUST buy something right now...but it's not on sale?  If you MUST buy something, then you must buy it...and you might have to do that at full price.

All is not lost, though.  After you buy that item, keep watch on the sales.  You can go back and have the store give you a refund for the difference between what you paid and the current price should the item go on sale.

Depending on the store, can go back as much as 14 days later to get this price adjustment.  Kohl's allows adjustments for 7 days.  Target allows adjustments for 14 days. 

Call your favorite stores to find out their policy before buying.  You just might save yourself some money...AFTER your purchase!

What can be better than that?

(Besides, of course, getting paid to take the item home...)

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