SOS Mom Saver: Wrapping Paper Scraps & Other Useful Ideas

At first, today's Mom Saver was going to be quite simple.  What can you do with those extra scraps of wrapping paper?  Simple.  Easy Peasy.  You use them as gift tags.  Ingenious, right?  You don't have to buy gift tags (which if you do buy them are only $1 for 100 of them at the Dollar Tree), AND you are a wise steward of the money you spent on the wrapping paper by using up every last bit of it.

Of course, you can avoid wrapping paper altogether and utilize one of my creative gift wrapping ideas.

Those times when you do decide to utilize "real" wrapping paper, however, you want to use it to it's fullest.

But here's what happened.  I had an epiphany.  I'm The Mom Saver!!!  (Picture a "Super-Mom" with a cape made of receipts.)  Or not.  You know.   Whatever.

Anyway, I'm The Mom Saver.  I can come up with something BETTER than utilizing your wrapping paper scraps for gift tags.  I can find ways to re-use your OLD wrapping paper!  Yes!  By golly!  I'll DO IT!

Except that when I started searching for ideas, I came up with...well...some...interesting finds...

Of course there's the practical "You can make a bow" instructions which I'm sure would be incredibly helpful for someone who wants to take the time to do that.  But those instructions looked incredibly time-consuming and intense.  And I'm all about simplicity right now.

No fear, though.  There were some...ahem...other...ideas...

My favorite?  Utilizing foil wrapping paper as home-made solar panels.  No.  Really.  I actually saw that.  I'll give some chocolate to the person who actually tries that idea...and gets it to work.  Heck...I'll even take you coupon-shopping with me.  Trust me.  It's funner (is that a word?) than it sounds.  Much more funner.  There.  That's better.

Still, that idea takes work.  And climbing a roof.  Neither of which really appeals to me right now.  (At least not like sitting around eating chocolate appeals to me.)

My favorite idea, by far, is utilizing wrapping paper as snow.  I know some of you actually have snow on the ground in your house.  Still, you can use this idea.  Because really, who wants to go outside in the snow & get all cold just to have a snowball fight?  And bringing the snow inside just isn't the same because then you have to clean up the mess.  (There's that work thing again...and if it doesn't involve sitting & chocolate right now...Just sayin'...)  

So what do you do?  Wrapping paper snowballs!  Viola!  Genius!  You ball up the wrapping paper & throw it at each other.  I know.  I'm a veritable genius.

Disclaimer the legal department (husband) forced me to put up:  Before throwing wrapping-paper snowballs, please make sure to remove all breakable items from the home. (Bah humbug! Where's the fun if you're not trying to dodge a family heirloom?) Also, it is not recommended that you throw any wrapping paper snowballs at any faces.  And also...we're not responsible for any injuries or broken items as a result of your fun.  So at your own risk.  (Look...I know the guy's no fun.  What can I say?  He wanted to shoot SANTA tomorrow!  And what can you say to a guy like that?)

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