Yes, The World IS Against You

Nana is coming in a week.  I didn't realize how wonderful this was until my kids volunteered to clean their bathroom for Nana.  

Did you hear that?

I said they volunteered to clean.  A BATHROOM.  THEIR bathroom.'s a kid's bathroom.  Specifically, the bathroom utilized by my son.

Need I say more?  I mean really.

So all was going well.  We were getting the house cleaned for Nana.

And then yesterday comes.

And I asked my son to go clean his room.

His response?  Is the whole world just against me?

Um.  I asked you to clean your room.

Son:   I know.  Have YOU seen my room?

Mom:  *face palm*

Go clean your room. 


Unknown said...

Haha, love that. Yes, mom, how could you ask him to clean that hideous mess....that, um, he created.

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

I don't know WHAT I was thinking! LOL