Bible Reading Plans

Last week, Gary & I talked on the air about different Bible reading plans.  Anytime I get a new "smart" phone, one of the first things I always do is download the free Bible onto it.  The software I use from You Version includes tons of options including a Bible search feature and TONS of different Bible reading plans (that's a direct link to them) from time-based plans (like reading the Bible in 90 days) to individual studies on certain topics and even "overview" plans like the "essential 100".

What I love about this software is that once I create an account (for free), my information is saved and I can start right where I left off should I get a new phone.  Plus, I can access & update the info online just as I do on my phone.

And I would like to take this time to give a shout out & say thank you to Life Church TV for providing this resource.  They do it for free so that people can have better access to the Bible and the resources they need to study it.  How awesome is THAT?

Disclaimer:  I am not in anyway affiliated with Life Church TV or You Version.  They didn't ask me to write this review. I'm certain they probably don't even know about it.  I just love and have utilized their product for close to 3 years now.


Vallie Avery said...

This was the first iPhone bible app I got and love it! I use it alot! I hope everyone will get it, IT'S FREE !!!!!!

Brit Whittington said...

I use that app, and I use the Mantis Bible app for my Bible Studies on my iPhone. Our church is in our third year of using the Life Journal reading plan, which available on the YourVersion Bible app. We have a free resource page, if anyon...e wants to follow along and does not have a smartphone. It provides mp3 audio for each day's reading as well, so you can listen while you read.

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

Awesome! Thanks, Brit!