SOS Mom Saver: Make Plastic Wrap Easier To Use

I have always gotten SO frustrated with plastic wrap!  It's so hard to manage and sticks to itself and (it seems) everything else BUT the dish I actually want it to stick to!  There are easier-to-use options like Press & Seal wrap, but it's often more expensive for less product.

Not what this frugal mom wants!

I have seen ideas like using a big rubber-band & cloth napkins or dish towels as more frugal (and reusable) plastic wrap options.  Those are great ideas if I don't have any plastic wrap on hand.

However, I do occasionally get some for free.  And when I get something for free, I stock up!  Which means I have a lot of frustrating stickiness on hand.

So...how to make the "real" stuff easier to handle?

Put it in the freezer.  No.  Really.  It's THAT simple.  Keep your plastic wrap in the freezer, pull it out & tear off what you need then throw it back in for next time.  It makes it amazingly more easy to handle!

Sometimes I'm amazed at how simple the solution to a problem is!

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Kris said...

This is a geat tip! Going to put my plastic wrap in the freezer right now. Honestly, I dislike plastic wrap so much for the same reason, that's why I usually go with aluminum foil.