SOS Mom Saver: Using Your Water To Its Fullest

Out here in the desert, water is a premium.  I want to make sure that I make the best use of it.  To make the best use of it, I want to make sure that no water goes to waste. 

In our house, the biggest water waster is the shower.  In the winter, we must run it for a couple of minutes in order for the water to warm up.  Instead of letting that water (& the money it cost) go down the drain, I decided to make use of it instead.

Simply stick a bucket or a bin in the shower to collect the water.  Remove the bin or bucket from the shower before you step in.  Later, you can use this water to feed your animals or water your garden.  If you've collected it in a food-grade bucket, you can even use it as drinking or cooking water!

Another favorite way to save water is to collect rain water in a barrel.  This makes perfect plant water!  Plus, if there are restrictions on watering in your area then the barrel gives you the ability to water your lawn, garden, or flower bed even during a restricted time.

Do you save any of your water?  How do you save your water & what do you use it for?


Unknown said...

We definitely save our water! Like you, when I have to run the water to get it warmer, I stick a bucket underneath. I do this more in the kitchen than shower though. I can't see myself lugging a bucket of water downstairs and out the door to the garden, lol.

Another area that we catch water is with our swamp cooler. The water run off leads to a 30 gal. garbage can. We just stick a hose in it and siphon the water to the trees, garden, dog bowls, kids water table, etc. :-)

Savannah said...

that's a great idea for saving water...we pay a flat fee for water usage here, but it's still better for the environment!

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

We'll have to talk more about the swamp cooler, April. I'm wondering how much more water it uses & if it really equals a savings compared to just running the ac when you add in the higher water bill.

Savannah, a flat fee for water would be really nice here. Here, the more we use, the more we pay per thousand gallons...unlike most places where your price per thousand gallons goes down the more you use.

Unknown said...

Oh it is most definitely a savings. I was just looking at our elec/water bills from last year. Our highest water bill was $58, with $40 being the average.

Compare that to electricity, highest was $212 in Aug (this is typically when we stop using the swamp cooler because it is too humid outside) and our average bill being $100.

It is a different kind of cooling though, and not everyone likes it.