SOS Mom Saver: No More Hectic Mornings

I'm fairly certain I don't need to detail how stressful mornings can be.  If you have kids, you already know.   Years ago, I picked up a hanging shelf for the closet that significantly de-stressed our mornings.

I  couldn't find the exact shelves that we use (each child has one), but it was a 7-shelf unit like this one at Walmart.  However, they have the days listed (all 7) similar to this one on Amazon.   Ours have the velcro attachment like in the first one.  I was worried about this at first, but it is surprisingly strong.

Of course, just having the shelves wasn't the convenience and time saver.  We had to use them in a productive way in order for them to do that. 

Every Saturday, the kids would pick out an outfit for each day of the coming week.  (We hung any dresses or shirts that we couldn't fold right beside the unit.)  At this time, I also confirmed that all outfits needed for weekly activities were clean and in their proper days.   For example, if my son had karate on Tuesday then his karate uniform along with any necessary supplies were put in his Tuesday section along with his "regular" clothes on Tuesday.  On Sunday, we would put in church clothes and play clothes.  On ballet day for the girls, they'd have their ballet shoes, leotards, and tights along with their "regular" clothes for the day.

When I say we put all of the clothes we would need in there, I really mean all.  Underwear, socks or tights, and any special clothes were all put in their days.  We also picked out a pair of pj's for them to wear for the week (or daily with extra sheets when I had a bed-wetter).  If any uniforms or clothes were missing, we washed them right then.  We didn't go to bed on Saturday until everything for the coming week was taken care of. 

We homeschool so this pretty much took all stress out of our mornings. If there was any other prep needed for the next day (homework, lunches, snacks, etc), then we took care of that the night before.   These changes have made mornings virtually stress-free!

What do YOU do to save time and reduce stress in the mornings?


Unknown said...

Target carries the 7-shelf closet organizer for kids.

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

Good to hear they still have it. Thanks!