HUGE Money Maker...Possibly Today Only!!!

I mentioned today on Gary's show that there was a HUGE moneymaker on food that we DON'T EVEN EAT!!!  Yet I'm still buying it! 

Why?  Am I crazy? 

The crazy part is debatable, but I still buy the items for a specific reason.  We can turn around and donate the food to someone who will.  Feeding America lists food pantries all across the nation.  I encourage those who find foods that are free or close to it to buy it even if your family won't use it...because  someone will.

That's part of the beauty of couponing.  You can help those that maybe otherwise you wouldn't have been able to help.

Now...the deal.  I would like to thank Mashup Mom for posting the details of this HUGE moneymaker at Walgreens as it came in.  You can find the details on her site:  Post Moneymaker at Walgreens.


Unknown said...

Thoughts of THAT mom,

Nice post. Thanks for sharing and for supporting Feeding America

Feeding America

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

Thank YOU! You guys have a great website!

I have mentioned you many times on the air because we're heard on 37 stations in several different states. I needed a central place where people could go to find food banks in their area. You guys do a FANTASTIC job of providing that!