SOS Mom/Kid Saver: Create a Chalkboard on Any Surface

In honor of "Take Your Child to Work" Day, my eldest is writing the Mom Kid Saver today.  Without further ado, I give you Kirstie:

As a kid, I know it can be very tempting to look for ways to destroy add personality to your room or your house.

I was ecstatic when my mom told me about chalkboard paint.  You can put it almost anywhere and that spot becomes just like a chalkboard.  How cool is that?  You can put it on walls, desks, doors, the side of a dresser, a chair...almost anywhere.

A friend had this on her desk and LOVED it!  It saved her parent's money because she didn't have to use nearly as much paper when doing her schoolwork.  Plus, it was really convenient.  She used her desk for "scrap paper" & erased it when she was done.

Doing this is really cheap, too!  The paint is as low as $12 for a quart which is more than enough for a small surface area.  (Mom here:  Do a search for or ask for "chalkboard paint" & you'll find it at places like Home Depot, Lowe's, & Wal-Mart.)  You can usually get a 12 pack of chalk for $1 at the Dollar Store.  In other words, guys, this is something you should be able to easily convince your parents to let you do.  If they won't buy the materials for you, it's cheap enough that you can easily save for it yourself.

-Kirstie :-)

What a GREAT idea, Kirstie!


Sara said...

I did this a year ago on my dining room wall and we love it! I use it to write chores on, inspirational verses or reminders. Chloe uses it to play school. I bought an inexpensive frame and hung that on the wall around it to finish it off. Very easy and inexpensive.
Sara M.

Carolyn said...

Very nice post! Love Kirstie's idea!

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