SOS Mom Saver: Make Full Use of Your Library

People don't realize all of the resources that are available at the library.  The library is no longer just a place to go and do research papers.  You can get so much more.  Here's what's available at my local library: 
  • Books 
    • (of COURSE)...but I couldn't leave it out! 
  • E-books 
    • You know...the kind you'd have to pay for on your Kindle?  Get them from the library instead!
  • Movies 
    • Yeah...They've got every Veggie Tale video ever made.  Did you know, however, that you can get new releases there?  They have to wait the "typical" 28 days before they can get new releases (the same time-period that must be observed by Redbox and the like).  After that, though, they'll have the new releases.  Forget $1 for a day.  You'll get 3-7 days for free!
  • CD's 
    • Here again, they'll have every Veggie Tale CD ever created.  But did you know that they'll ALSO have your current artists...in pretty much any format.
  • Magazines 
    • They'll usually have the current issues for reference only.  However, once the new issue comes out, you can check out the old issues just like a regular book.
  • Software 
    • From language programs to typing software, you'll be surprised at what your library has to offer!  These are FANTASTIC finds for homeschoolers on a budget!
What happens if they don't have a book, CD, magazine, or movie that you want to see?  You ask them for it.  Many times, all it takes is ONE request for them to order that particular item.  Bottom line?  It never hurts to ask.  The worst they can say is no, but you might be the request that gets that item ordered!

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