School Supply Freebies and Deals 7/10 - 7/16

The school supply season has officially started.  Please note that the deals do vary in different areas of the country (I recommend you check your ads or visit each store's website to confirm the deals before you head out to shop.).  The deals I list are what is valid in the Las Vegas area.

Staples: (Teachers are allowed to get 25 of each of the deal items; regardless of limit.) Sun-Wed Only
  • Staples Cap Erasers (12pk) $.01/ea w/ $5 min. purchase, lt. 2
  • Bic Round Stick Ball Point Pens (8pk) $.01/ea w/$5 min. purchase, lt. 2
  • Staples School Glue (4oz) $.01/ea w/$5 min. purchase, lt. 2
Staples: (Teachers are allowed to get 25 of each of the Extreme Deal items; regardless of limit.)
  • 2-pocket Poly Folder (these are the better, stronger ones) $.25/ea, lt. 2
  • Staples Stickies 1/2" tape flags (125ct) $.25, lt. 2
  • Bic Mechanical Pencils 0.9mm (5pk) $.25, lt. 2
  • Slider Pencil Case $.25, lt. 2
  • Staples Multi-Purpose Paper (500 sheets) $5.99 - ($5.74) esr = $.25, lt. 2 (Teachers lt. 2 also)
       Office Depot:
      • Office Depot Multipurpose Paper (500 sheets) $6.49 - ($5.49) rebate = $1, lt. 2
      • Office Depot File Folders (100ct) $6.99 - ($6.99) rewards = Free, lt. 2 per day (must have their card)
      • Mr. Sketch Scented Markers (12 ct) $7.99 - ($7.99) rewards = Free, lt. 2 per day (must have their card)
      • PaperPro Compact Stapler $9.99 - ($9.99) rewards = Free, lt. 2 per day (must have their card)
      • Uniball Vision Rollerball Pens (12 ct) $17.99 - ($17.99) rewards = Free, lt. 2 per day (must have their card)
      CVS: (Thanks to I Heart CVS for the following deal information.)
      • Balance Bar (1.76oz) $1.69 - ($1.69) ecb = Free
      • Complete Multi-Purpose Solution (12 oz) $7.99 - ($7.99) ecb = Free
      • Lumene (any) Buy $20 get $5 (buy following combo of items):
        • Lumene Wipes (buy 5) $4.19 - 5($4) 6/19/11 ss - ($5) ecb = Free + $4.05
        • Lumene Creme (buy 7) $2.99 - 5($4) 6/19/11 ss - ($5) ecb = Free + $5 (Most CVS stores will not give you overage on coupons. The computer automatically adjusts them down...which is why I say to use 5 rather than 7 coupons for this transaction.)
        • There are other combos of deals, but you get the idea.  Find the best combo utilizing the $4 coupons that you have to (ideally) pay no more than $5 before ecb yielding you free products.  (Or even better...profit up to $5 after ecb!)
      I would encourage you to do deals for extra-cheap school supplies or free products even if you won't use that item.  You can donate what you cannot or won't use to others.   SOS is accepting donations in office for school supplies.  You can also donate them to most food banks.  Find one in your area by going to Feeding America.

      If you have any questions about a particular abbreviation or word, check out my coupon definitions. If you still can't find the answer, post here or shoot me an e-mail. Want to see the best grocery deals for your area? Check out Savings Angel. I use them when I'm short on time or not feeling well but still need groceries for the week.

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