School Supply Freebies and Deals 7/24-7/30

I was awakened early Sunday morning by my husband.  I was delirious, moaning in my sleep, and burning up.  My temperature was 104.9.  Sorry, the school supply deals weren't getting done.  Nor were they any other day as my temperature continued to stay high.  After a trip to the doctor, my temp is below 103 for the first time today.  Except for going to work, I've been at home & in bed most of this week.

I've had several people asking me for the deals which I did start to type up on Tuesday...and then lost when a child accidentally closed the file without saving.  I don't have the deals for you this week, but you can find a comparison list of all the sales at Pocket Your Dollars

         Price Comparison List of School Supply Sales 7/24-7/30

I apologize for not getting them out this week.  It's been a week.  We've all had one of those.

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