SOS Mom Saver: Christmas in July, Part 1

You thought yesterday was a holiday. Nope. Today is...the beginning of Christmas in July; a MomSaver series. 

What does that mean for you? It means that you need to start planning NOW for Christmas. It will help you avoid debt and go into the holiday season with little (if any) stress.  If retailers are thinking about Christmas (and our money) now...then why shouldn't we?
The first step?  Start planning what you will get your kids for Christmas.  Toy clearance starts at most stores now as they prepare to clear out last year's stock in preparation for this Christmas.   

Most stores will be at 30% now, but will eventually go as low as 75% (Target & Wal-mart) and 80% (Kohls).  However, if there's something that you know you definitely want for your child then it's usually best to purchase that item at 50%.  If it goes lower, you can always purchase the item at the lower price and return the first item you bought.  (Make sure you keep your receipt!)

Thursday will bring part 2!

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