SOS Mom Saver: Christmas in July, Part 3

You've now got all of your Christmas cards addressed, right? Yeah. Neither do I. I'm one step closer to being ready, though. My lists are made and I now have a more solid idea of what I'm giving to each person. I've made a list of what I need to buy and what I already have.


Start planning what you're going to do when you get your gifts.

My favorite thing to do? Wrap them as soon as they get in the home! I will write the name of the recipient in pen or pencil in a bottom/underside corner of the gift. I mainly do that so it's not quite so obvious who it's for. (You know...for snooping kids? Not that I have any of those, mind you.  Ahem.)  Except they read this blog.  Perhaps telling you guys wasn't the wisest idea.

I already have my wrapping paper because I bought it on clearance last January.  I also have scotch tape from a deal a couple months ago.  What I do now is make sure they're all in one place (with scissors, of course) ready for me to use when gifts come in.  I also select a couple of bins in which to hide the wrapped gifts. 

This not only keeps the gifts well hidden from snooping children, but it takes you one step closer to being ready for Christmas without a ton of extra work in an already busy season!

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Terra said...

You are very organized, and I buy Christmas wrapping paper in after holiday sales too. I love Christmas so much that I co-authored a book on celebrating it :)

Unknown said...

My family makes fun of me for starting my Christmas shopping in January, but that's fine...I'm not the one running around in December! Just found your blog via Cafemom!