SOS Mom Saver: Freebies

It's so stinkin' hot here that save for a fantastic deal, I pretty much stop all couponing for the summer.  The heat doesn't really leave me itchin' to get out & grab the deals. 

Then, the unthinkable happened.  I realized when I went to replace mine, that we had no more toothbrushes.  And, um,  I really don't want to stop brushing my teeth and don't yet have a snazzy homemade alternative to the toothbrush. the coupons I go.  (I'm certain that's not grammatically-correct.  It's like 180 degrees outside.  Work with me here.)

One thing I learned years ago is that even when I stop couponing, I need to keep getting the coupons every week.  Without fail, every time I have not done this, I have regretted it when I started couponing again.

So...I quickly perused my favorite sites, cut the coupons I needed...and off to the store I went.  (I didn't have time to spare.  I had already thrown my old toothbrush away.) 

A couple hours later, I came home with 3 tired kids and this...

Paid $1.47 total for all of this!

Well, actually, I had more than that...but I tried to keep the 3 aforementioned kids calm by bribing them with some of the Gatorade drinks and energy bars. (Tip: Before trying such a thing, you should first make sure that what you are offering your children ACTUALLY tastes good. Don't say I didn't warn you.)

Some of these deals were one-day deals (like the Dove soap which was an almost $3 money-maker).  However, others (like the toothbrushes, hair gel, & deodorant) are deals that you can get through this Saturday at least.  Some are good until Tuesday or Wednesday; depending on your area.

Here are the deals:

  • Degree Deodorant 
    • You're getting the ones that the ad says are 2/$4 with a $1 register reward...but you're going to get a better deal.
    • Buy 4 of them (not the 2 listed in the ad) $8 - 4($1) 7/31 Unilever - ($4) register reward = Free!  
    • Some areas only got the $.75/1 coupons in the same insert so your total would be $1.
  • Colgate 360 Pro-Relief Toothbrush $4.99 - ($1) 7/31 ss - ($4) rr = Free + 1¢
  • Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Toothpaste (4oz) $4.99 - ($1.50) 7/31 ss - ($4) rr = Free + 51¢
  • Crest 3D White Toothpaste (4oz) (buy 2) $5 - 2($1) 7/31 pg - ($3) rr = Free
  • Keri Lotion (15oz) $8.49 - ($2) 7/17 ss or ($2) 8/21 ss - ($5) rr = $1.49 (Or even better, Free + $1.01 if you got a raincheck when they had them on sale for $5.99 a couple of weeks I did.)
  • Check your Walgreens sunscreen and clearance sections for the sunscreen.  The face stick alone normally retails for $6.99.  The combo packs were from $1.87-$2.74 each.  The sunscreen I got doesn't expire until 2013 which makes this an AWESOME deal!
  • Gatorade deal has run out of prints so it's over.  Sorry.  (They were all free.)
  • Dove deal is also over.  Sorry. 
  • LA Looks Hair Gel (20oz) $1 - ($1) 7/31 rp = Free!
  • Motts Apple Juice (64oz) (buy 10) $1.28 ea - 5($2/2) MDA bklt found at Safeway stores (Vons, Dominicks, etc) = 28¢ each (This is only available at stores in some areas.  Other areas have Hansen's Apple Juice for $1.48 ea wyb 10.)
These are the deals I got this week.  I haven't checked the other grocery stores yet and CVS had nothing worth mentioning this week.


Marie said...

Where did you get the Boiron Oscillococcinum??

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

It was on clearance. The price wasn't clear & it was ringing up at full price so the cashier called over the manager. The manager said he knew it was supposed to be on clearance but he didn't feel like looking up the price. Would $1.59 each be okay? Um. YEAH. Especially since I had $2/off coupons.

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

Sorry...that was at Walgreens as well.

Marie said... got a great deal. I can't tell what qty. dose you bought but the wholesale price for 3 dose is $4.95. I saw the 6 dose adult version on clearance at Sears for $9 but I can get it from Frontier for the same price without tax.