SOS Mom Saver: Semi-Annual Consignment Sales

I am a huge fan of buying used and saving the difference.  In years past, this has been more like, "buy used because we don't have the difference".  Many of us have been there at one time or another.  One of the biggest such sales is coming up this weekend here in Vegas.  (If you're just looking for that info, you can scroll down to find the info on it below.)

There are many such sales throughout the country throughout the year.  Most of the bigger ones hold two main sales a year.  One, in the fall, features Halloween costumes, fall & winter clothes, and baby items.  The other, in the spring, features spring & summer clothes and baby items.  Some sales offer maternity clothes while others don't. 

Some of these sales only charge an entrance fee on the first day of the sale.  Others charge every day of the sale, but only charge you once for the entire sale.  (In other words, you can pay on Friday & get a ticket allowing you to come back Sunday without having to come back again.) Still others only charge for early entrance into the sale or early entrance on the last day when a good portion of the items are marked down to 50% off.  Discounts or free admission are usually offered to the military and sometimes new moms &/or new foster moms.

All of them allow you to earn early shopping privileges by volunteering early.  Consignors usually get early shopping privileges as well as do new moms & new foster parents.  Some also allow offer early shopping privileges on barter if you provide supplies they need for the sale &/or bring food for the employees and volunteers.

Where are these sales?

  • As They Grow Kid's Consignment, Las Vegas
  • Friday, October 14th - Sunday, October 16th 
  • Fall/Winter Sale features:
    • Baby & children's clothes to size 16 for girls & 20 for boys
    • Halloween costumes (I was there today.  There are a TON of them!)
    • Every baby item you could imagine (strollers, playpens, swings...and everything in between) 
    • The only item missing is cribs because of recent federal regulations that prohibit the resale of cribs
  • The sale is at 7570 S. Dean Martin Dr. in Las Vegas (89139)
  • The entrance fee is $2.  However, that covers ALL days of the event.  In other words, if you go on Friday then you don't have to pay again to go to the half-price sale on Sunday.
  • On Sunday, many items will be 50% off.  
  • The deadline for consigning at this sale has passed, but they'll have another sale again in the spring.  We'll talk later about what you can do to prepare between now & then.
  • I two of the "founding" ladies today.  They are Christians and SOS listeners.  I'm happy to support them!
Everywhere Else:
  • Several cities throughout the US have their own semi-annual sales similar to As They Grow that are individually owned. A quick Google search should reveal if there is one in your area.
  • Just Between Friends
    • The link above will take you to their sale-finder page.  Currently, they have sales semi-annually in 24 different states.
    • This is the sale that I started out at "way back when" in Tulsa, OK.  I remember their early (and much smaller) days well.  
Do you have a sale in your area?  Feel free to post it here, on Facebook, or Tweet or e-mail it to me.  I'll get them on here so we can come up with a nationwide list of these sales.

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