Gas Station Gift Ideas for Husbands

You realize it's Christmas Eve and not only do you not yet have a gift for your wife, but all of the stores are closed.  For the record, we wives know what you're doing when you suddenly need to fill the tank up at 11pm at night to ready us for the 15 minute drive to Grandma's the next day. 

Regardless, I like to think myself a helpful person.  In that vain, I'd like to offer a few tips to men who might be doing a bit of last-minute gas station shopping.

These are things you shouldn't (that means should NOT) get your wife from the gas station:
  • A can of SlimFast because she's always talking about how fat she feels.
  • An energy drink with a note that you noticed she didn't have the energy to do the dishes last night after dinner.
  • A container of Clorox wipes since it's obvious from the house that she must be out of cleaning supplies.
  • Breath mints to help with that "morning breath" problem she has.
 On the other hand, here are some things you might consider getting her:
  • A package of Hostess cupcakes with a note, "Sweets for my sweet."  That looks like you put thought into her gift and didn't actually go out to the gas station at the last minute to get her something.
  • A gift card to her favorite restaurant (many gas stations sell these) for a night out with you or her friends.  Bonus points:  Arrange for a babysitter too!
  • The makings for breakfast which you then cook yourself the next morning...and serve to her in bed.
You get the idea.  Think..."Will she want to make me sleep with the dog if I get her this gift."  If the answer is anything other than an unequivocal "no", then you should probably keep searching.

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