Open Christmas Packaging With Ease

I have to admit I'm a little jealous that they didn't have this when my kids were little.  I cannot tell you the number of packages with hard plastic that I have suffered through opening with scissors and/or knives.

Well suffer no more!  (Geez...I sound like an infomercial, don't I?)  They have a nifty new product out called the ZipIt Opener

 Photo courtesy of Amazon.

This product is designed specifically to open those hard-to-open plastic packages.  It's kind of a can-opener for plastic.

I want one.

(Disclaimer:  The link above is a referral link.  If you click on that link and buy one of these nifty devices through that link then I will get a percentage of the sale (2%-4%) back as a referral credit.  You are not required to buy the item or to buy it through the link should you buy it.  The link is only there for your convenience.)

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