Other Things the Government Should Ban

I just read a thought-provoking article on CNN about 8 Other Things the Government Should Ban.  I'd like to add to this list.

First and foremost should be the banning of anyone smoking within 100 yards of a building.  Poison yourself and your loved ones somewhere else, please.  I don't smoke.  I have made the conscious decision to NOT poison my children with cigarette smoke (I much prefer to do so with food from McDonald's).  I have made the decision not to poison myself with cigarette smoke (chocolate tastes MUCH better).  So please...take your poison of choice elsewhere.  I don't force you to eat McDonald's or chocolate.  I'd like the same respect, please.

TVs in vans & various gas-guzzling vehicles.  First, it's just pretentious to have a TV in your vehicle and thereby single-handedly make me look like a bad parent for not giving the same to my child. There's nothing more degrading as a parent than your children asking you to move the car a little to the left so they can see the movie in someone else's vehicle.   Nevermind that I'm also trying to watch the movie.  While driving.  Could you also please not speed?  I don't know how I'm going to explain to the cop who pulls me over that the reason I was speeding was so I could keep up with your van because the movie that I was watching while driving was so interesting.  But I digress...

Having a clean car without stickers on the window if you are a parent.  I mean come ON!  First you've got the TV in your van and now you tell me that it's ALSO free of randomly-placed window stickers and crayon marks?  What do you do...put your children in straight jackets while you're driving?  Wait.  You have a TV in your car to keep them occupied.  Nevermind. 

I'm sure there are more things we could think of to ban.  If we don't, the government will so we might as well beat them to the punch.

What would you ban?

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