Food Storage Saved Dinner!

That sounds so dramatic, doesn't it?  I picture a 6 gallon bucket with a red cape flying into the kitchen with a magic spatula.  (Some of you will get that.  The rest of you are trying to figure out why we would have a 6 gallon ANYTHING in our home.)

That's not really what happened, but it sounds so much more grand than my simple story.

I frequently fight with my 13yr old over who is going to cook dinner for the night.  By "fight", I mean she says, "Mom, can I cook dinner tonight?"  To which I respond, "Um.  No.  That's MY job! Get out of the kitchen!" "Um.  Duh.  Of COURSE you can.  If you need me, I'll be watching TV while eating bonbons cleaning something so as to look as productive as my 13yr old daughter who is slaving over dinner."  

Tonight was no exception.

Have I mentiond that I love that my 13yr old daughter loves to cook?  Because she does.  And I do.  You know, love that she loves to cook.

No.  She is not for sale.  Although she wants to own a restaurant or catering business one she might hire out her cooking skills.

Anyway...she was cooking lasagna tonight.  That's her favorite meal to cook.  We order our cottage cheese from Azure Standard.  She'll typically make lasagna once a week for the next 2-3 weeks; depending on how long the cottage cheese lasts.  She also follows my "cook once, eat twice" philosophy & will double the batch making one to freeze each time she cooks.  

She's going to make some guy fat and happy one day.  My guess is, an Italian will taste her lasagna and marry her on the spot.  

Oh please don't tell her Daddy I wrote that part.  He thinks she's still of the "Ewww...I'll NEVER do THAT even when I'm married" belief.  Even though she's not.  But don't tell him that either.

So...she starts cooking lasagna.  She pulls out the ingredients and knows she has everything.  Except she doesn't.  Someone left the cottage cheese out overnight...and then put it back in the fridge hoping they wouldn't get caught...and it got moldy.  Thankfully.  You know, so we didn't all DIE from eating it!

She's starting to panic.  No worry.  Mom will find a recipe.  Surely there's  a substitute, right?  Nope.  No yogurt in the house.  Nope.  No tofu.  (Do people really eat that?  Or do they just say they do so their vegan friends will think they're cool?)

Now, back to where I look like a Mormon.  Without the cool underwear.  I have a friend who IS a Mormon.  I was griping about how I really wish there was a bouillon that was msg and soy-free.  I have several mixes I make where I had to leave OUT that ingredient because we couldn't use the store-bought stuff.  

She told me how one of her favorite companies, Shelf Reliance, had this line of food storage products that was largely free of artificial junk and soy.  A food storage company?  What?  What was that?  I mean, sure we buy our grains and some other things in bulk from Azure, but we're not Mormon.  I don't do that 8 years of food storage thing.  I don't buy freeze-dried pickles and hot dogs.  ('Cause that's what I thought Mormons did.  My friend laughed at me.  Come to think of it, she laughs at me a lot.  Probably out of pity.)

I was thrilled to find that their chicken bouillon was soy-free and msg-free.  While browsing their site, I also discovered a sour cream powder.  "How cool would THAT be?" I thought to myself. (Yes, I just quoted myself thinking to myself.  'Cause that's how I roll.)  I hate sour cream and thus never cook with or even buy it.  However, some of my family members DO like it.  This would allow me to give them what they want without having to worry about countless tubs of sour cream going bad because I forgot about them.  Not that this has EVER happened...
Picture courtesy of Shelf Reliance
And where food storage saved the day.  I went online in search of an answer for my daughter.  After much searching, I found two recipes that contained ingredients that we had on hand.  I combined parts of the two...because that's ALSO how I roll.  (Read:  I have control issues and don't like people telling me what to do even in recipes.)  We had 1/2 a bar of cream cheese left and combined that with re-constituted sour cream powder to make the lasagna.

And it was good.  (I think that's a verse in the Bible, but I'm not quoting the Bible.  I'm saying the lasagna was good.  Very, very good.  So good, that we might even add sour cream to it in the future.  And I don't even like sour cream.  Go figure.)

And thus is my story of how food storage saved dinner! 

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