SOS Mom Saver: How To Test the Freshness of Eggs

Cracking Eggs in a Bowl

Ever had eggs in your fridge that you thought had perhaps been there a little too long?  You hate to throw out good eggs, but you don't want to risk your family getting sick if they're bad.  Is there something you can do to test their freshness?

(You know there is or I wouldn't be writing this.)

There's what's called the "Water Test".  You fill a glass half way with water and drop the suspect egg (or eggs) in. (When I say "drop" it in, you should do so carefully.  I don't recommend giving the instruction to "drop" an egg to your 9yr old boy without first clarifying exactly what you mean.  Don't say I didn't warn you...)
  • If the egg goes down to the bottom, then it's good.
  • If it goes down to the bottom, but is kind of in their diagonally with the top end pointing up, it's still good for baking.
  • If it floats...throw it out.  I wouldn't recommend that you open it either as it will likely smell.
 This is what they did back in the "good ole days".


Get Free Stuff & Hot Deals said...

Cool always was wondering how to know if eggs were still fresh. Thanks!

Peg said...

We have chickens and your advice is absolutely correct, and you can't stress enough about not cracking open the bad ones! ;-)